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TARGET + LINDT / In-store visualizations

We regularly collaborate with the Lindt’s Sales & Marketing teams to create inspirational display renderings to be shared with Target buyers.  As a category leader, it’s important that Lindt guides and inspires the buyer with merchandising concepts for new product launches and fresh seasonal programs.  Some concepts are very Lindt-forward, while others look to elevate the premium category as a whole.
We developed Target store environments to provide context for the renderings, helping the viewer to immediately feel at home in the Target store setting.  For each of the merchandising options, we collaborate with the Lindt Shopper Marketing team on product placements and signage development.  We typically work through a series of alignment sketches combined with inspiration, before moving onto final renderings.

Project Deliverables:
  • Endcap concept renderings
  • In-Aisle concept renderings
  • Cart and Tower concept renderings
  • Floor Display concept renderings
  • Stand-alone Display / 4-way Display concept renderings

Endcaps: Seasonal / Rotational

Seasonal: Valentine’s Day

Seasonal: Easter

Seasonal: Holiday

Stand-Alone 4-way Displays, Mixed Product

A nice win for the Lindt team!  Production samples of displays at Lindt Sales office in Minneapolis.

Text rec’d from our client:

Wanted to show you the Target 4-way come to life!  This is going to be implemented into Target this year. Beautiful work! The Target buyer loves it!

Premium Chocolate Category Rendering, in-aisle structural & signage concepts

Total Category, Go Big signage concepts


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