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TARGET + LINDT / In-store visualizations

We regularly collaborate with the Lindt’s Sales & Marketing teams to create inspirational display renderings to be shared with Target buyers.  As a category leader, it’s important that Lindt guides and inspires the buyer with merchandising concepts for new product launches and fresh seasonal programs.  Some concepts are very Lindt-forward, while others look to elevate the premium category as a whole.
We developed Target store environments to provide context for the renderings, helping the viewer to immediately feel at home in the Target store setting.  For each of the merchandising options, we collaborate with the Lindt Shopper Marketing team on product placements and signage development.  We typically work through a series of alignment sketches combined with inspiration, before moving onto final renderings.

Project Deliverables:
  • Endcap concept renderings
  • In-Aisle concept renderings
  • Cart and Tower concept renderings
  • Floor Display concept renderings
  • Stand-alone Display / 4-way Display concept renderings

Endcaps: Seasonal / Rotational

Seasonal: Valentine’s Day

Seasonal: Easter

Seasonal: Holiday

Stand-Alone 4-way Displays, Mixed Product

A nice win for the Lindt team!  Production samples of displays at Lindt Sales office in Minneapolis.

Text rec’d from our client:

Wanted to show you the Target 4-way come to life!  This is going to be implemented into Target this year. Beautiful work! The Target buyer loves it!

Premium Chocolate Category Rendering, in-aisle structural & signage concepts

Total Category, Go Big signage concepts

KROGER + LINDT / In-store visualizations

Develop Go Big Easter concepts for National Landscape with a specific focus on Kroger.  We were to develop Go Big Easter Dress Up Kits for Endcaps, and a signage system for the floor display program.  All of this was to be rendered in situ (the store environment).
We collaborated with the Lindt Shopper Marketing team on product placement (POG) and signage development. We worked through a series of alignment sketches combined with inspiration, before moving onto final renderings. Lastly, both a Kroger specific store environment and a (universal) National environment were created to provide context for the renderings.  

Project Deliverables:
  • Go Big Endcap - signage design & concept renderings
  • Go Big Floor Display - signage design & concept renderings
  • Everyday Endcap - Mainstream & Premium product mix

Endcaps: Easter Seasonal, National & Kroger store environments

Endcaps: Easter Seasonal

CVS + LINDT / Endcaps & Displays


These renderings were developed in partnership with Lindt USA's Customer Marketing Team for meetings with CVS.  We always learn something new when working through these projects.  We understand more about Lindt’s brand and merchandising strategy, which helps us provide relevant design solutions and allows us to move efficiently through the creative process.  
To begin the process, we combine competitive research with inspiration and initial concept sketches.  Once we’ve agreed on a direction, we start to execute the renderings.  For some of these projects we work exclusively in the Adobe Suite - primarily in Photoshop.  For others we use 3D software to create the display, and then bring the finished rendering into Photoshop to add context.  

Permanent Premium Gifting Endcap
The endcap design below is currently being tested in 500 CVS stores nationwide.  The goal was to provide an update to the existing (outdated) display, while integrating key strategic marketing initiatives that speak directly to consumers needs.

Seasonal Joint Brand Floor Display
Lindt & 19 Crimes  

Seasonal Joint Brand Endcap
Lindt + Josh Wines + L’Oreal + Hallmark 

BANK OF AMERICA / Advanced Center Design

In 2019, we supported Winter Holben, a Maine-based agency that works with Bank of America’s in-house Store Design team. We helped the BofA team develop and implement their ‘Future Vision’ plan to transform and elevate the look of the branded environment. Our focus was on the Bank’s Advanced Centers along with a few key flagship Financial Centers.  Additionally, we supported their merchandising team as they rolled out a newly updated brand identity across much of their financial centers, and remote ATMs.

We collaborated closely with their team to develop a versatile wayfinding system aimed at elevating the consumer experience and modernizing the Bank’s brand aesthetic within the built environment. To gain buy-in from their leadership team, we provided renderings to help them visualize the new design concept.  We developed custom patterns for wallcoverings, and provided detailed elevations to guide their production team through installation.

Initial Test Site in Chicago

Before & After Renderings (Ps)

Photos from install

Vendor Guide was created to help organize the install

Our very first rendering based on initial design direction
We introduced spot gloss finishes for a few of the banks existing patterns. Their ‘fleck pattern’ was applied to the matte black walls as a high gloss wall covering - a subtle effect, that looks sharp when it reflects the light within the environment.

Completed Test Site in Brooklyn.
Based on creative direction from the Store Design team, we created a few proprietary patterns which were developed as wall coverings and dimensional panels.  The white pattern below is a faux dimensional pattern intended to complement their logo, while establishing a contemporary feel within the environment.  

We also developed a large (4’x8’) repeating wood grain pattern to be applied as wallcovering.  Capturing the tone and grain of the wood which matched other interior wood finishes was challenging, but the end result was a very refined pattern that elevated the look of the interiors.

Privacy Film
In 2018 Bank of America rebranded.  Part of our role was to find creative ways to adapt the patterns developed by the agency responsible for the rebranding into the environment. 

Interchangeable signage system
We developed a few concepts for a changeable signage system.  The option below was implemented throughout key financial centers nationwide.

TARGET + LINDT / Endcap Concepts


In partnership with Lindt USA's Customer Marketing Team for a planning meeting with Target we developed a variety of endcap and aisle visualizations. The brief asked for big ideas that would draw customers to the candy aisle from across the store, and which needed to represent the total confection category (not shown is additional wayfinding signage that would be included throughout the store).

Prior to landing on the Candy Cart and the European Candy/Chocolate Boutique concepts, we researched and sketched out a few other ideas. Displaying the endcap & products (without color) in sketch format, allows the merchandising concept to be the focus of the conversation. It allows the buyer to view an idea that's not finalized and can evolve with their input.

Following the meeting, we rec'd this note from
the Head of Lindt's Customer Marketing Team:

"We just wrapped up our Target meetings. They went very well, and your renderings 'nailed it'. They were received very well and stimulated great discussion. Thanks a lot for all your work on this project."



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