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LE BELGE / Studio Collection

Develop a new, ultra-premium series of truffle boxes for Le Belge Chocolatier as part of their hospitality and corporate gift offering. Ensure new structural costs align with business objectives, and that the offering is universal enough to attract hotels with a more contemporary aesthetic.
The collection came in a variety of sizes (2, 4, and 8pc), but the most impressive of the group was the multi-layered 24pc gift box.
As an extension of the smaller sizes, the hinged rigid structure comes in 2 color ways. One version used a rich black, soft touch specialty paper. The other was a light cream color with gold metallic printed accent, and a custom herringbone embossed texture.

Because customers (primarily hotels) are foil stamping there branding on the lid, there was minimal Le Belge branding on the outside of the box - front panel has a discreetly printed logo, with a secondary mark on the closure label. On the inside, additional storytelling came through a short piece of copy about the brand along with a hand painted mark that pays tribute to the artistic craftsmanship of the chocolate truffles.

The mark on the inner lid ties into the custom designed transfer sheets that decorate the truffles. The paper divider includes a custom illustration (by Mike Boos) of the Napa landscape that helps capture the spirit of this Napa Valley brand.

The two levels of trays are separated by a deco pad, along with a printed paper divider to help remove the top layer with ease. All of this is wrapped in food-safe vellum. The weight and proportions of the box are great - it’s nice and compact, and when filled with chocolate it has a perfect hand-feel.

During development, a variety of elements are considered regarding the unboxing experience.  Ensuring the product is safely secured, yet easy to access is critical.  Hidden details are great for communicating the brand story in fun and unexpected ways, and ensuring a memorable experience for consumers.  
We wanted to make this a multi-layered unveiling experience.  The big reveal (aside from the beautifully decorated truffles) is the custom illustration which hides on the paper insert used to remove the top tray.  Once removed, you have an illustrated view of Napa Valley and access to the bottom layer of chocolate truffles.  


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