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NALGENE / Astronaut Athlete Series


The team at Nalgene engaged us to conduct trend research for content, design and illustrative styles to be developed into new bottle collections targeting Nalgene’s three core demograhics. Their team intentionally left the brief open and flexible during the research phase.  For their On-The-Fly 12 oz bottle the target was children, aged 6-10.  

Altogether we identified 20 distinct trends that fit within the overarching design strategy. Five of those trends targeted the 6-10 age group. Through close collaboration with their marketing team, we narrowed down to the two illustrative concepts that best fit the aesthetic and tone of the brand. The Astronaut Athletes theme made the final cut.

An integral part of our process is using rough concept sketches to align with our clients prior to developing refined illustrations or designs. It’s a great way to collaborate, allowing them to share their expertise and provide input for the creative direction of a project. This process is very efficient and allows us to move forward with minimal adjustments in the art development phase. Bottom line - we work side-by-side with our clients to ensure alignment throughout the creative process.

Final Illustrations

Final 3D Renderings

The illustrations were also
developed into bottle stickers.

The Astronaut Athlete series launched on time, as part of their back-to-school promotion.  There are some great online reviews like this:

“Like all Nalgene products this is a well made bottle. Waterproof and strong. The cap closes well. The print on it is very beautiful and will make my little boy happy. We have several Nalgene products and as usual we are not disappointed.”


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