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LINDT - LINDOR / Valentine’s Day Heart Range

The previous collection of Lindt / LINDOR Valentine’s Hearts had been on the market for 6+ years and needed a refresh.  The brief called for designs that would sit alongside LINDOR’s new seasonal graphics, for a cohesive on-shelf expression of the brand.  The target demo was men and women, between 25 and 54.  The design needed to meet all brand and regulatory requirements for both the (3) LINDOR and (4) Lindt branded hearts.  

We provided a competitive overview, and trend research that identified a few [stylistic] approaches which would support their new seasonal designs.  Their team chose the watercolor floral direction. Our creative process allowed for collaboration and feedback to be integrated, so we ended up with final designs that the Lindt team was proud to share with their customers.

︎  photos courtesy of Lindt USA

After aligning with the marketing team on the creative direction and a series of floral swipes, Melanie developed custom watercolor paintings that would pair nicely with Lindor’s new seasonal artwork.  Below are the original scans, before the art was cleaned up and used to create the design.

We worked through a few compositions, while providing recommendations on how special [printing] processes could be integrated, using a combination of 3D renderings & mechanical layouts.  The flowers were accented with thin, offset line art in gold foil. We applied spot gloss and embossing throughout the art on the small heart graphics and flowers to help the art shine on shelf and provide some tactile features.

︎  photos courtesy of Lindt USA

We delivered final Lindor heart designs within 3 weeks. This required 2 rounds of [minimal] revisions to finalize and deliver print-ready artwork for Lindor.  We also provided creative / art direction for their Formal Gifting range of hearts (a mix of various praline truffles - 4 skus).

The hearts have been successfully selling for several years now and have made their way around the world and of course onto instagram.

Our design services also include the creation of compelling in-store visualizations. These 3D renderings capture the context of the customer’s unique store environment, and are intended to inspire and spark discussion between a buyer and your sales & marketing team.

2023 Cart display at Target - front.

2023 Cart display at Target - back.

2022 On-shelf at Walgreens.

On-shelf at our local grocery store.


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