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LINDT USA CORPORATE/ Branding & Collateral

One of the most rewarding projects was an overhaul of the Human Resource department's communication materials, and the subsequent marketing campaigns. The project was complex in terms of scope, timeline, and the expectations for creative - the aesthetic had to ladder back to the Lindt parent brand, but in a contemporary way that satisfied the client (HR) and would gain approval from Marketing.
In the end, the project which included a dedicated Careers web site, an Employee Handbook, an Employee Benefits Guide, and several other printed and digital assets for recruiting purposes, was very well-received.
I had the pleasure of working with the very talented Gabi Hale on this project. Gabi supported by further developing our approved look and feel and adapting that across a wide range of printed collateral. We ended up with a dynamic yet cohesive identity system for Lindt Careers.

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