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LINDT USA / Classic Recipe

Lindt is expanding their range of products for Classic Recipe beyond bars and into other formats like spreads, individual wrapped pieces, and the Non-Dairy category.  In each case, the objective is to extend the current Classic Recipe design language to these new products while utilizing the equities of the brand to ensure consistency and strengthen recognition on-shelf.
We worked with the Classic Recipe Brand Marketing team to determine which elements in the existing bar design architecture had to remain and those that could be removed. The result was a relatively flexible design system that allowed for necessary adaptations while maintaining key brand assets.  

Lindt Classic Recipe’s core bar range set the design standard as we explored how the design architecture would adapt to new packaging formats and with new product innovations.

Lindt Classic Recipe + Gold Bar

Lindt Classic Recipe - Les Grande Bars (whole nuts)

Lindt Classic Recipe - Panned

Lindt Classic Recipe - Hazelnut Spread

Lindt Classic Recipe - Holiday Pieces Pouch & Sticks with PDQ

Lindt Classic Recipe - S’mores Promotional Mailer

Mailer Insert


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