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LINDT - LINDOR / Everyday Photoshoot

We worked in close collaboration with the Lindor Brand team to develop a series of everyday brand assets that could be used across POS, social media, and for other digital and print applications.
We ideated on shots for sharing and hosting, personal indulgence, and gifting occasions. In addition to contributing concepts for the shoot, we delivered a pre-production brief that included the following:

• research and inspiration for each of the desired shots
• sketches illustrating how each shot would be composed
• sketches of how each shot would be placed on POS
• prop research and guide
• general guidance for lighting + styling notes
• overall color pallet for the shoot

PRE-PRODUCTION PLANNING  A tremendous amount planning goes into these shoots, but it's critical to getting the best results.  If done properly all of the stakeholders have a clear idea of how each shot will be executed and an opportunity to provide feedback (prior to the shoot). Once we aligned internally, we ran all of the planning by our photographer and prop/food stylist in advance of the shoot to allow for their input as well. As a result, the shoot went smoothly, and the finished images were well-received by Brand.



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