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FLOCK DESIGN HOUSE / Brand Identity & Collateral

Interior Designers Anita Magyar & Kristin Peterson-Damle were looking for an identity system that captured the spirit of their new firm. They wanted a dynamic visual language that told their story - it needed to be rebellious and energetic, yet sophisticated and reflective of their eclectic style.
One of the highlights of the project was designing their letter-pressed business cards, made by Studio on Fire. The custom size, ultra-heavy matte stock, blind embossed front, and the metallic ink used to decorate both sides and the edges, all come together to make a powerful statement about their brand. Without saying a word, the cards reinforce a critical piece of Flock's brand message - a relentless commitment to quality and total dedication to style.

Project Deliverables:
• Logo design
• Stationary, business cards
• Trade show postcards and folders
• Office and Trade Show signage



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