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CVS + LINDT / Endcaps & Displays


These renderings were developed in partnership with Lindt USA's Customer Marketing Team for meetings with CVS.  We always learn something new when working through these projects.  We understand more about Lindt’s brand and merchandising strategy, which helps us provide relevant design solutions and allows us to move efficiently through the creative process.  
To begin the process, we combine competitive research with inspiration and initial concept sketches.  Once we’ve agreed on a direction, we start to execute the renderings.  For some of these projects we work exclusively in the Adobe Suite - primarily in Photoshop.  For others we use 3D software to create the display, and then bring the finished rendering into Photoshop to add context.  

Permanent Premium Gifting Endcap
The endcap design below is currently being tested in 500 CVS stores nationwide.  The goal was to provide an update to the existing (outdated) display, while integrating key strategic marketing initiatives that speak directly to consumers needs.

Seasonal Joint Brand Floor Display
Lindt & 19 Crimes  

Seasonal Joint Brand Endcap
Lindt + Josh Wines + L’Oreal + Hallmark 


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